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Your products in customers spaces in a snap

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What's Wallnament?

Wallnament is a web-based tool to portray wall decor and works of art in real scale with augmented reality technology.

Use it to give your customers interactive and real scale view of your products in their space. Let them pick a variant, size and frame or compare multiple items directly on their wall in a snap.

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Realistic visualization in Wallnament

Integrate with your store

Wallnament integrates with your website using a widget linking to visualization.
Poster: Rosehip of Queen Elizabeth
From $19.99
Multiple sizes

The widget links your customers to visualization mobile app for both iOS and Android.

Boost sales by helping your customers

Dispel doubts and increase sales

Wall-decor buying is hard. Finding a perfect fit among thousands of products, different sizes and frames can be overwhelming.

Turn the hassle into pleasure. Give your customers confidence.

How does it look in my room?
Do I have space for that?
Which size should I get?


Wallnament AR is fun to play with.

Happy and engaged customers spread the hype about your store with their friends and family. They will become your next customers.

Reduce returns

Returns are unpleasant both for you and your customers.

Reduce them to the absolute minimum.

Stunning visualizations

Real size

Too small or too big? Which size should I choose? Does it fit empty space I have?

All your customers have these questions.
Wallnament gives them answers.

Augmented reality

No extra equipment required. A smartphone is just enough.


Shadows, mat look or gloss reflections and other effects make your products look real on the screen.

Is it for me?

Running an e-commerce store that sells wall decor products such as posters, paintings or wall stickers?

Wallnament is for you!

For sellers of any size

Small artist? Boutique shop? Art Gallery? Multinational corporation? Auction house?

Wallnament can help you engage your customers and boost your sales.


Wallnament can be self-installed on all platforms and custom shops.

Not seeing your platform? Let us know and we create custom installation instructions for your website for free.

See Wallnament in action

The Starry Night


Starry Night Over the Rhône

Want more? Visit our sample shop

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Frequently Asked Questions

Wallnament works as a widget on your website. Just like other widgets, Wallnament is installed by adding an HTML code snippet to your website.

We also provide easy-to-install plugins for popular e-commerce platforms to make this process a piece of cake.

Additionally, our team is ready to guide you through the installation.

Wallnament is completely free until Q2 2022 - no strings attached.

Pricing, sustainable for both your company and us, will be established later.

Absolutely not! You don't need to share your credit card details to start.

When you sign up you will be given access to Wallnament configuration panel where you can adjust the look of the widget and how it works.

If you use one of our easy-to-install plugins for popular e-commerce platforms you will also find Wallnament configuration menu in administration panel of your website.

You can always disable Wallnament integration in Wallnament's administration panel with just a click.

To fully uninstall Wallnament just remove the HTML code snippet added during installation or uninstall the plugin. It's that simple!